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VUB Chair In Surveillance Studies

logoWelcome to the official website of the VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies. Have a look around to stay up to date on our Surveillance Studies Seminar Series, publications and other activities.

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Re-live CPDP with the recording of our panel!

CPDP panel on Democratic Surveillance: Marion Oswald, Quirine Eijckman, Arne Hintz, Koen Gorissen and Rosamunde van Brakel


  • On Saturday October 29, 2022, Rosamunde Van Brakel gave a keynote speech about Big Data Profiling and Socio-Technical Harms at ISTC's international colloquium entitled "Big Data": Influence, Manipulation et Mirco-Ciblage

  • On October 4 - 5, 2022, the VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies is hosting a workshop (closed session) on the Oversight of Police-Use of Surveillance Techonology with a variety of stakeholders present to inform the lively discussions. Stay tuned for a report in the coming weeks.


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  • On Tuesday September 13, Lander Govaerts and Rosamunde van Brakel will present their work entitled ‘From social harms to socio-technical harms: Broadening zemiologist insights with a technological focus to explore the impact of algorithmic police surveillance on criminal justice practices and social justice' at the The Howard League conference on Crime, Justice and Human Condition in Oxford.


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  • On Tuesday August 30, Rosamunde Van Brakel gave an oral presentation as part of the hearings focussing on the victims of spyware and its use against citizens in the EP Committee of inquiry investigating the use of Pegasus and other spyware.


  • On June 17 , Stephanie Garaglia will present at the Beyond Smart Cities Today conference in Malmö on ‘Smart cities and video surveillance: organized resistance by city dwellers’! Find out more here.


  • The VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies will be present at the Surveillance Studies Network Conference 2022: June 1-3 Rotterdam with two paper presentations:

    • In a paper entitled 'Unfolding urban reality: Towards a reconceptualization of violence through smart surveillance'Lander Govaerts and Stephanie Garaglia will use‘the fold’ of Deleuze as a toolbox to grasp the current state of subjectification of city dwellers. In doing so, the implementation of smart surveillance technology will be brought to account.

    • Bram Visser and Rosamunde Van Brakel's presentation will go deeper into police surveillant practices in their presentation entitled 'Legitimate police-use of surveillance technology? Addressing concerns about the Belgian governance framework'





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