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VUB Chair In Surveillance Studies

logoWelcome to the official website of the VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies. Have a look around to stay up to date on our Surveillance Studies Seminar Series, publications and other activities.

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Re-live CPDP with the recording of our panel!

CPDP panel on Democratic Surveillance: Marion Oswald, Quirine Eijckman, Arne Hintz, Koen Gorissen and Rosamunde van Brakel


  • On June 17 , Stephanie Garaglia will present at the Beyond Smart Cities Today conference in Malmö on ‘Smart cities and video surveillance: organized resistance by city dwellers’! Find out more here.
  • The VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies will be present at the Surveillance Studies Network Conference 2022: June 1-3 Rotterdam with two paper presentations:

    • In a paper entitled 'Unfolding urban reality: Towards a reconceptualization of violence through smart surveillance'Lander Govaerts and Stephanie Garaglia will use‘the fold’ of Deleuze as a toolbox to grasp the current state of subjectification of city dwellers. In doing so, the implementation of smart surveillance technology will be brought to account.

    • Bram Visser and Rosamunde Van Brakel's presentation will go deeper into police surveillant practices in their presentation entitled 'Legitimate police-use of surveillance technology? Addressing concerns about the Belgian governance framework'




Seminar Series

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